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Frozen Squid

  • Whole Round Purpleback Flying Squid

    Whole Round Purpleback Flying squid We supply frozen whole round purpleback flying squid, which other common names have black squid in China, tobiika, purpleback squid and scientific name Sthenoteuthis Oualaniensis. Chinese jigger catching fleet caught it in tropical parts of...
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  • Frozen Purpleback Squid

    Frozen Purpleback Squid Purpleback Flying squid, also called purpleback squid or black squid, scientific name sthenotheutis Oualaniensis, is widely distributed in eastern tropical Pacific equatorial waters and has been caught commercially by Chinese squid jigging fleets....
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  • Frozen Chinese Loligo Squid

    Frozen Chinese Loligo Squid Chinese Loligo Squid, scientific name: Loligo chinensis , is a warm-water species usually found along the continental shelf. With a large population, the common Chinese squid accounts for nearly 90% of the total families of Loliginidae in China. It...
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  • Sea Frozen Common Chinese Squid

    Sea Frozen Common Chinese Squid Common Chinese Squid (scientific name: Loligo chinensis), mainland China as "Chinese squid", and Taiwan as "Taiwanese lock pipe" are a kind of genus of locks and tube of the Guanyinmuguan. It is mainly distributed in China,...
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  • Sea Frozen Indian Squid

    Sea Frozen Indian Squid Indian Squid, also known as the Indian Ocean Squid or Indian Squid and scientific name Uroteuthis duvaucelii, is an Indo-West Pacific species of squid with a wide range throughout the Indian Ocean to Malaysia and the South China Sea, and is also...
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  • Frozen Indian Ocean Squid

    Frozen Indian Ocean Squid Uroteuthis duvaucelii, called Indian Ocean Squid as usual, is a Cephalopod species with 2 fins, 6 arms and 2 tentacles. It is rich in terms of species varieties. If they are caught carefully, their shelf life becomes longer. If it is thawed a couple...
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