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  • What is Sea Frozen Bonito?

  • How to deal with frozen squid?

  • Promotion 2nd May -- 9th May: Squid Fillet, Squid Strip, ...

    Promotion 2nd May -- 9th May: Squid Fillet, Squid Strip, Squid Tentacle. To celebrate 5.1 Labor Day and China’s Youth Day, the following items are promoted.
  • How to distinguish between calamari and squid

    ​The biggest difference between the calamari and the squid is actually on the eyes. The eyes on both sides of the squid's head are slightly smaller and have a membrane outside the eyelids.
  • Catfish classified by place of production

    If the carp is divided according to the place of production, it can be divided into offshore carp and ocean carp. There are mainly Chinese sea squid, Chinese squid, sword tip squid, Kobe squid, and Pacific Turtle.
  • Ocean squid

    Ocean squid Argentine carp is also called Argentine squid, with long claws and white-brown color, mainly distributed in Uruguay, Argentina, and the Falkland Continental Shelf.
  • Peruvian salmon

    The Great American Peacock, commonly known as the Peruvian carp, is also called a giant squid and weighs up to 200 kilograms.
  • Pacific Squidfish

    The Pacific squidfish are named Japanese oyster, Oriental oyster, Northern buckwheat (Taiwan), Black squid, Soft-leather (Zhejiang), etc.,
  • Red snapper

    ​Jianjian Squid, locally named red snapper, hard-skin (Zhejiang province), squid (Guangdong Province), Dianchuan (Taiwan Province), etc.,
  • Giant squid with big eyes

    Many giant squid eyes are as big as basketball. Even for animals with a body weight equivalent to five adults, this eye is also regarded as huge.
  • Argentine salmon habits

    Oceanic shallow sea species, inhabiting water depth to the surface 800m, autumn and winter in the continental shelf 50-200m crowded. Life cycle 1-2 years.
  • deep sea fish

    It belongs to more than a dozen families and is characterized by large mouth, large eyes, and light emitters in one or more parts of the body. Light emitters are used both to trap prey and to lure mates.
  • Squid characteristics

    The body is thick and flat and is spindle-shaped. It is generally 20 to 40 cm in length and 150 to 400 grams in weight. The head is large, the tip of the tip is conical, the eye is large, the mouth is large
  • Salmon nutrition effect

    Carp is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and iron, which is good for bone development and hematopoiesis, and can effectively treat anemia.
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