A good way to remove the smell of frozen squid
Jun 08, 2018

A good way to remove the smell of frozen squid

No matter whether it is in the restaurant or bought by oneself, we seldom eat fresh squid. We usually buy frozen squid, but if it is frozen for a long time, it will make the squid have a savory taste. Intensified appearance, then how can we remove this smell? This is what we now value, and here we give us the following introduction.

A good way to freeze squid squid is to help us remove the smell of frozen squid and make it more fresh and savory. Here we have a summary of these little good methods. Let’s take a closer look and from there Can find what I want to know:

1. The squid's skin, which is not fresh, must be removed before cooking.

2. Wash the carp with salt to get rid of the odor.

3. It is essential to advance this step.

4, according to their own favorite, choose to add garlic, onion, ginger, lemon, mustard oil and other flavoring seasoning.

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