Characteristic habits of Sea Frozen Bonito
Jul 07, 2018

Characteristic habits of Sea Frozen Bonito

The Sea Frozen Bonito is 1 meter in length and has a spindle-shaped, stout, scaleless, smooth surface and very developed caudal fin. The main feature is that the body side abdomen has several longitudinal dark stripes. There are 8 to 9 small fins on the dorsal fin of the carp; 14 to 15 anal fins and 8 to 9 small fins. The caudal fin crescent shape has 4 to 7 longitudinal stripes on the body side, the body is blue-brown, the abdomen is silvery white, and the fins are light gray. The larger one is more than 1 meter long, and the body length is 400 to 500 mm.

鲣 is a warm-water upper-layer migratory fish (in the offshore of Japan, carp from spring to summer north, from autumn to winter south, for seasonal migration.), distributed in temperate to tropical areas, multi-cluster in the radiation zone The intersection and the sea area where the water quality is clarified.

It is a dawn, a squat fish, which blooms on the surface to 260 meters deep in the daytime. It floats at night and often eats fish and crustaceans such as sardines and bamboo horns.

The squid likes to follow the whales and sharks to do collective swimming. First eat the bigger food in the water, and the rest is easy to swallow the whale shark. The dorsal fin has 8 to 9 small fins; the anal fins are 14 to 15 and the small fins are 8 to 9.

Whale sharks also shade the squid, which are a symbiotic relationship. Sea areas where squid appear are often accompanied by seabirds and hunt for food above the fish.

Carp prey on sardines and other fish for juveniles, squids, molluscs and small crustaceans. Usually hundreds of thousands of tails come back to swim in the ocean, feeding on small fish, shrimp and squid. They are their favorite food. If they are found, they will be attacked from top to bottom, so that there is nowhere to escape.

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