How to deal with frozen squid?
Jun 08, 2018

How to deal with frozen squid?

The first step: Take out the frozen squid and soak it in cold water. Add some white vinegar to the water. After the thawing of the squid, remove the viscera and the rind. Many people can understand viscera, but the steps to skin are often overlooked. To know that the frozen squid's skin is very awkward, so you must tear it off.

The second step is to place the cleaned squid in a small bowl and sprinkle with a proper amount of fine salt and rub it again. This is also a key step to remove the smell and odor of the frozen squid. Rinse with clean water after the kneading. .

The third step: After the above two steps are processed, the smell and odor of the frozen squid are basically gone, but it is even more perfect if it is treated with water. The correct way for the squid to boil water is to put the squid on the water and boil it for 20 seconds, then use it to make a variety of dishes.

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