How to distinguish between calamari and squid
Apr 24, 2018

The biggest difference between the calamari and the squid is actually on the eyes. The eyes on both sides of the squid's head are slightly smaller and have a membrane outside the eyelids. The film outside the eyes of the squid is transparent and almost invisible and is often considered to be membrane.

The cuttlefish meat fins are long and are arranged approximately two-thirds of the medial and posterior portions of both sides of the squid. The two fins are in contact with each other with a longitudinal rhombus. The squid has short meat fins at the end of the corpus callosum, and the two fins are heart-shaped.

The squid and squid are also slightly different in size. The squid has a large head and a body length of up to 600 mm. The squid has a slightly smaller head and a body length of about 300 mm.

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