The economic value of Sea Frozen Bonito?
Jul 07, 2018

The economic value of Sea Frozen Bonito?

Sea Frozen Bonito is an economic fish of considerable importance. It has a good taste and can be made into firewood, canned food and sashimi. It has a record of ciguatox.

Squid is the main target of tuna purse seine. It is also the target of fishing for trolling and spurting nets. It is an important economic fish of oceanicity like tuna. It can be used for fresh food or made into salty and dry products. The world's major fisheries countries use squid to process canned products, which are very popular in European and American markets. The squid has a wide range of distribution. In the waters of the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean above 15 degrees Celsius, there are traces of squid, and the reserves are abundant, and the prospects for development and utilization are optimistic.

The bonito soup often used in Japanese cooking is made from squid. The squid is cooked in Japan using a special technique, and after repeated removal of the fishbone, it is repeatedly smoked several times. Because the smoked squid is as hard as a wooden block, it is also called "wooden fish". It is also known as the scorpion, which uses this smoked squid as the main ingredient and is made of granular materials made of various amino acids and nucleic acid materials. The condiment, also known as "muyu", is one of the most commonly used condiments in Japanese and Japanese family homes.

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