What is Sea Frozen Bonito?
Jul 07, 2018

What  is Sea Frozen Bonito?

The fishermen are commonly known as bombs because of their shells. They belong to the scorpion head, the tuna suborder, the tuna family, the rudder subfamily, and the genus.

The squid body is spindle-shaped and thick, with 8 to 9 small fins on the dorsal fin; 14 to 15 anal fins and 8 to 9 small fins. The caudal fin crescent shape has 4 to 7 longitudinal stripes on the body side, the body is blue-brown, the abdomen is silvery white, and the fins are light gray. The larger one is more than 1 meter long, and the body length is 400 to 500 mm.

In the western Pacific, there is a large, extremely warm and ridiculous waters called warm pools. There is one of the largest salmon populations, which are most active on the western edge of the warm pool, where two ocean current systems with completely different water levels meet, creating a converging zone around which nutrients, plankton and small The fish are very concentrated. The squid that has been wandering around can only migrate with the currents. In the spring and summer, they come in groups and can be captured all over the coast.

It is a warm-water upper-layer migratory fish, multi-cluster in the intersection of the cold and warm water mass in the radiant area and the sea area where the water quality is clarified. It appears in the surface layer to 260 meters deep in the daytime and floats at night. Juveniles, squids, mollusks and small crustaceans that prey on sardines and other fish. Sea areas where squid appear are often accompanied by seabirds and hunt for food above the fish. The adult and larvae of carp have obvious seasonal distribution, and all of them are sexually mature at the age of 3, and in the Nansha Islands, the spawning period is from March to August, and floating eggs are produced. Squid is the main target of tuna purse seine. It is also the target of fishing for trolling and spurting nets. It is an important economic fish of oceanicity like tuna. It can be used for fresh food or made into salty and dry products. The world's major fisheries countries use squid to process canned products, which are very popular in European and American markets. The squid has a wide range of distribution. In the waters of the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean above 15 degrees Celsius, there are traces of squid, and the reserves are abundant, and the prospects for development and utilization are optimistic.

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