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2019 Argentine Illex Squid Catching Situation Forecast
Jan 09, 2019

 Argentina started 2019 Illex Argentinus season on 7th Jan.. Inside Exclusive Economic Zone(EEZ) of Argentina, there are about 40-60 fishing vessels gathered in S45°30’-46°30’, W62°30’, and 5 vessels in S42°, W61°.  Outside EEC, there are about 190 fishing vessels for Illex Squid, 160-170 vessels gathered in south illex squid fishery, S45°30’, W60°30',  only 20-30 in north Illex squid fishery, S42°, W58°.

Illex squid fishing vessel distribution

Illex Squid fishing Vessels distribution in Argenine Sea 

  It is said that the daily catching situation is very poor, comparing to same period of 2018, about 0.5-1tons per vessel daily. 

  Recently, according to World Meteorological Organization (WMO), There is a 75-80% chance of El Niño developing by February 2019. and about 60% for it to continue through February-April 2019. Model predictions of the strength of the El Niño range from just a warm-neutral condition through to a moderate strength El Niño event, with sea surface temperatures peaking at approximately 0.8 to 1.2 degrees Celsius above average.


 Through the event didn’t happen in December, sea surface temperatures are already at weak El Niño levels.

 And also it starts affect Southwest Atlantic,Argentine Sea where Illex squid lives. The sea temperature is rising, the food distribution is more different than before. In December 2017, the food area came along the coast of Argentine, inside EEZ. In 2018, it is around the Falkland, along with shelfbreak of Argentine. Comparing the both food map, food distributed area and density of Dec. 2018 is less than these of 2016. 


 Via climate model and currently food situation, Zhanhua Seafood predicts that: In 2019, Illex Squid catching season maybe will finish sooner than before, and output of outside of EEZ will be more than that of inside.

 We will continue to research the oceanic changing and update the catching situation of Illex squid. 

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