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Argentine Salmon
Apr 24, 2018

Argentine alaska, also known as "argentine lionfish." The cephalopods, squid family. Cone-shaped. There is no film outside the eyelids. The shallow hole in the front of the funnel has no longitudinal pleats or side sac and is smooth. The fin angle is approximately 45°, and the two fins are slightly cross-shaped. The length of the meat fin is approximately 1/3 of the length of the pupa. The length of the shankless wrist is generally 3˃2˃4˃1, 2 rows of suckers, and one keratinous ring. Large tine, surrounded by more than 10 nearly semi-circular teeth. The right or left of the male is the fourth pair of wrists. The middle of the tassel is 4 rows of suction cups. The middle sucker keratinous ring has semicircular teeth and the top has 8 rows of small suction cups. The maximum length of record was 0.33m and the maximum weight was 1kg. It is mainly distributed on the continental shelves and slopes of the southwest Atlantic Ocean. It has been developed by large-scale fishing vessels from Japan, South Korea, China, Argentina, and other countries. The highest annual production volume is 1 million tons. For fresh food, can also be dried

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