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Deep-sea Fish Species
Apr 24, 2018

The species of deep-sea fish are mainly tiger spots, green spots, spotted spots, plush fish, magas fish, and bonus fish.

The most common spots found in restaurants are groupers. The grouper also includes sesame spots, sea glaucous spots, oil spots, green spots, eastern star spots, the South Pole orange weasel eight kilometers below the North Pacific scallop, and Antarctic red shrimp. Species, these fish are grouped, but the long picture is very different. The Eastern Star Spot is a beautiful woman in the grouper. The red fish scales, with their small blue spots, are not very productive. Therefore, they are very expensive, mostly at three or five hundred yuan a pound. Tiger spotted a white tiger skin markings, white and tender meat, delicious to eat. Some groupers are also very ugly, such as the boss fish in the northern seafood restaurant, which is full of unevenness and unpredictable. However, the fish did not move well and climbed on the bottom of the water all day. His eyes never swayed and he seemed to be calm, hence the name. In addition, the most common ones are the miura fish, which is also divided into left-mouth fish and tuna fish.

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