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Great Harvest Equatorial Squid Substitute For Illex Argentinus, Todardoes Pacificus, Giant Squid
Oct 16, 2018

The science name of Equatorial Squid is Dosidicus Gigas and equator sea origin, closed to Ecuador and Colombo, at the end of Humboldt current that flows along the western coast of South America, dissipating in the warmer waters around the equator.


Humboldt Current

  Equatorial squid output is estimated to exceed 230,000t this year. By contrast, last year it is around 80,000t caught by Chinese vessel. However, demanding of the squid keeps stable recently. Price of equatorial squid is under great pressure. Under 500g WR, for example, have fallen 30% in China since the beginning of this year, even that it continue to fall.  

Equatorial squid price trend

Price trend of Under 500g WR of Equatirol Squid in 2018

  In September, some of Chinese vessel shipped to public sea closed to Peru for Giant Squid. According to the source, 180-200 vessels in total will reach the fishery within October, vessels catch average 4-8t per day. ZhanHua Seafood predicts first batch of Giant Squid will arrived China at the end of November. 

Vessels satellite

Fishing vessels operating in the southeast Pacific on Oct. 16.

From October, Selling season of squid products coming,  There is huge demand for giant squid fillet, squid head, and squid wings, but out of stock. The first batch is not impossible to make up for the lack.  


Meanwhile, Illex Argentinus, Batrami squid, Todardoes Pacificus are not at good situation, their price are reaching record highs and continue to rise.  


   The situation led squid processor to offer Equatorial Squid as an alternative to customers who usually use Illex Argentinus, Todardoes Pacificus, Giant Squid. Thought it looks similar to illex and todardoes after processing, the taste and texture are something different. 

ZhanHua seafood, as supplier and processer of squid in China, developed a formula, which makes the equatorial squid products tasting nice, like Illex Squid and Todardoes Squid. We produce it to squid flower, squid rings, squid strips, squid tubes and squid pineapple cutlet.

Those equatorial squid products are competitive and palatable. Customers give the high praise. 

   We will attend Qingdao Seafood Fair and Dubai SEAFEX Middle East 2018.

Welcome you visit our booth to taste. 

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