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Giant Squid Season Ending, Illex Squid Season Starting
Dec 20, 2018

According to latest news from Zhoushan, the second batch of squid carrier from Peru fishery have decked since 15th, Dec., with 20,000metric tons Giant Squid(Dosidicus Gigas).

This year, the fishing season will end in Dec., and output of Giant Squid(Dosidicus Gigas) is very poor, about 60,000meteric tons in total, only half of that of last year.

With the season ending, some operation vessels moved to Argentina fishery area and equatorial area for Illex Squid(illex argentinus) and pacificus jumbo flying squid.

Argentina’s squid fishing season doesn’t officially start in its own waters until Jan. Many vessel  are already amassing in international waters to fish illex squid, spending the next five to six months fishing for the species. Now, there are nearly 100 fishing vessels at the Argentine shortfin squid fishing area, the numbers of vessels will continue to increase. But most of squid caught at this time is no bigger than 100 grams, and it arguably makes more sense to leave squid in the water longer to grow. 


a confluence of vessels near Argentina's EEZ

  Argentine illex is one of the world’s biggest commercial squid species. Officially lasting from January to August, a good fishing season could help soften record high prices for illex, which is used in processed squid products, such as squid rings and tubes. 

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