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Illex Squid Market Trending In July. 2018
Jul 25, 2018

   Till July 23, 2018, most of early caught illex Squid by Chinese fishing vessel had already reached port, and it is estimated that only 20,000 tons is available in sea, the rest of argentine squid will be shipped back from Argentine open sea in August. Then, illex squid season of 2018 will finish.


In this catching season, 200-300 of illex is round 40%, 150-200 and 300-400 is 20% each. 100-150 is not many available in stock.  


 Besides the illex catching situation, there are two main factors that matter to the exporting price of Illex. 

  From 1st to 23rd, July, USD exchange rate keep rising, RMB to USD devalued by 2%   the export price of Illex will go down, it is good news for exporting company.

  However, Because China carried on tax reform policy from May, the refund tax will less.


 Considering the above factors, the price of illex, 150-200/200-300/300-400, will go down slightly on August. 

Illex Squid in July.jpg


Class: Cephalopoda.

Ordee: Teuthoidea.
Family: Ommastrephidae.
Species: Illex argentinus
Common Name: Calamar (Argentina,Uruguay); Pota argentina (Spain).

Other common denominations: Ommastrephes argentinus, Illex illecebrosus argentinus.


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