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One Kind Of Indian Ocean Squid--Black Squid: Sthenoteuthis Oualaniensis
Dec 12, 2018

  Black Squid called in China is one kind of Indian Ocean Squid or Indian Squid named from original place, scientific name Sthenoteuthis Oualaniensis. And many local names in different country:  AUSTRALIA: Yellow-backed squid; TAIWAN PROVINCE OF CHINA: Nán-yóu; USA: Purpleback flying squid; .JAPAN: Tobi-ika.


  According to scientific report, this kind of Indian Ocean Squid is widely distributed, the range extends in a broad band that stretches throughout the open waters of the tropical zone of the Indian and Pacific oceans and the Red Sea, generally where bottom depths exceed 200 m.

Black Squid


   The Main fishery field is Indian Ocean and South China Sea, but the forms are different in the both sea. From Indian Ocean, it is Large Sthenoteuthis Oualaniensis, the max size is up to 6000g. South China Sea produces Small Sthenoteuthis Oualaniensis, the max size is upto 500g. 


  Black Squid(Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis) is a fast-swimming, highly manoeuvrable nektonic squid that reacts very quickly to any change in its surroundings. Juveniles are capable of “flying” during daytime. Under threat from pursuit of predators they can reach a high speed and then glide above the surface of the sea some tens of meters. The cruising speed of adult squid is about 3 to 10 km per hour, but the burst speed reaches greater than 25 to 35 km per hour. During the day at depth, squids are nearly non-active, and either “hang” in the water or move slowly with a speed of only 1 to 1.5 km per hour, propelled by the undulating fins. The species is an obligate shoaling (schooling) squid throughout ontogenesis. Usually, shoals consist of squid of uniform size. Shoal size is highly variable and depends on the productivity of the area and the density of the squid population: it varies from 2 to about 800 individuals, occasionally more.


It is not effective to catch black squid(Sthenoteuthis Oualaniensis) by jigging catching machine, in past 40 years, fisheries carried out by dipnet and hand jig. Due to inefficiency catching method and poor quality meat, the black squid(Sthenoteuthis Oualaniensis) is used mainly as bait for tuna fishery. However, Black squid (Sthenoteuthis Oualaniensis) has a great potential for a future significant fishery with a potential catching on the level of about 100 000 tonnes or more. The main prospective areas for fishery development are the southern part of the equatorial zone of the Indian Ocean between 4°S and 10°S and between 65°E and 95°E; and South China Sea.



1) yellow pot on back of body. Pls contact me for details.

yellow pot of black squid



2) Sexual Organ:

i. Right or left arm IV Sexual Organ.

ii. Sexual Organ with 12-16 suckers.

iii. Up to six medial pores present on each side (opposite sucker rows 1-6).

iv. Beyond suckers dorsal membrane decreases then disappears but reappears as thin membrane distally to form groove between it and ventral membrane.

v. Ventral membrane similar to dorsal proximally but distally becomes broad and thin. 

Sexual Organ of Black Squid

Sexual Organ, Arrows point to pores through protective membrane

3) Tentacles

a. Carpal locking-apparatus with 3-5 suckers and knobs.

b. Usually only one or two toothed suckers found proximal to locking-apparatus.



4) Suckers

Suckers of Black Squid



5) Head

a. Beak

Beak of Black Squid



6) Dissection:


Dissection of black squid


 The black pigment is ink

Products of Indian Ocean Squid--black squid(Sthenoteuthis Oualaniensis)

1. Black Squid Fillet

2. Tentacles

3. Wings

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