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Output Of Argentine Illex Squid Increasing 24% In January, What’s Price Of Illex Squid?
Feb 12, 2019

   Great harvest in January for Argentine illex squid catching

It is reported that 24,708tones of illex squid were caught in Jan., within Argentine Exclusive Economic Zone(EEZ). The figure from the Undersecretariat of Fisheries is preliminary. Among the total, 23,794.7 tons came form the jigger vessels; while the remaining 913.3 tons from the trawling.

jiggers catching squid Illex argentina zhseafood

Jigging vessels catching squid during the night

 This is a good beginning of Illex squid catching season.

The official record shows that the captured of Jan. of 2019 increase 24% or more than that of 2018.     

According to the owners of jiggers, the average daily catch per unit ranged between 30 and 40tons, as well as last year, with predominance size S and SS.


So why did the first month of this year catch more than last year?

The main reasons, ZhanHua Seafood Estimated, is the earlier starting of this catching season. This year started fishing from Jan. 7th, about 10 days ahead of the local regulation schedule set in pass years.


 Will it be a harvest season of illex squid?

 Till now, there are 60-70 vessels amassing in Argentina EEZ water to catch illex squid, and get the great harvest month.

Meanwhile In international water along with EEZ, about 300 illex squid fishing vessels came from China, Taiwan, Korea gathers around S45°-S46°.

vessels amassing point

White arrows indicate the area where vessels fish on the inside and edge ouside EEZ

Although inside EEZ Argentina has harvest January, it is very poor outside. The average daily output per unit still keeps lower level, about 1-2 tons. And the first batch of Chinese illex squid won’t return to port until the transport vessel is filled by illex squid. It is estimated in May that the first batch arrive Zhoushan.   

   Due to the poor catching quantity in international water, some vessels take risk to cross the boarder, entering into Argentine water for fishing illex squid. Recently, it is reported that one of korea-flag vessle, O Yang 77, was detained by the Argentine Naval Prefecture(PNA) for alleged illegal fishing in Argentine waters.

The vessel was captured by PNA  

And, Falkland island will open the illex squid fishing season on Feb. 15th, some Taiwanese vessels sail to Falkland water for the new season. Then, owners hope the daily output will increase.

Therefore, the conclusion of harvest season is too early to make. As known, the catching peak will come after middle of Feb.. ZhanHua Seafood will continue to follow the catching situation of illex squid.


How is the market demand of illex squid?

At present, Chinese illex squid have already out of stock, after buyers from Thailand crazily purchased all of the remaining 100-150g in Dec..

However, Thailand still have big demand for illex squid, especially size SS. They should prepare enough stock for coming Songkran Festival and tourist.  

In east Asia, Many processing plants are purchasing illex squid to produce squid tube, squid ring or squid flower as substitution of todardoes squid. Because the output of todardoes squid was much worst in pass ten years, and price almost reach out Illex squid, and catching season todardoes squid won’t start until March.  


Whats price of Illex squid?

Under the huge demand, The illex squid becomes an most valued species among the squid. The demand of illex squid is increasing worldwide and prices are rising.

Now prices of Illex squid from Argentine as below:

For price list of Argentine offer, pls contact us.  


The prices are very high, almost same to Chinese offer in Dec.

It is expected the price would go down and demand be filled after Feb. 15 when the fishing peak coming.


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