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  • Zhanhua Seafood In CFSE 2018

  • Dubai SEAFEX ME 2018, Booth: Z3-A32

    Zhanhua Seafood will be attend 2018 Dubai Seafood fair: SEAFEX ME from 30th Oct. to 1st Nov., booth no.: Z3-A32. Zhanhua Seafood is a leading and professional supplier and exporter of frozen fish and frozen squid products in China, founded in 2007.
  • Great Harvest Equatorial Squid Substitute For Illex Argen...

    ZhanHua Seafood supply and export equatorial Squid, Substitute For Illex Argentinus, Todardoes Pacificus, Giant Squid, and also processes equatorial squid to squid flower, squid rings, squid strip, squid tubes and pineapple cutlet. Those are almost s
  • Chinese National Day

    Zhanhua Seafood will be holiday during Chinese National Day, after holiday, we are going to Dubai Seafood Fair and Qingdao Seafood Fair. In Fair, shows:Squid: illex squid, Todardoes Squid, Giant Squid, Equatorial Squid, North pacific squid, Black Sq

    Zhanhua Seafood give our best wishes to you, hope you are health and family reunion in Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • The Huge Output Of Equatorial Squid From Chinese Squid-Ca...

    From ZhanHua Seafood says this year the output of Equatorial squid is very huge large reported by Chinese Squid-catching vessels, this catching season,out of equatorial squid will be up to 250,000MT. And the price will keep low level for while, affec
  • Illex Argentinus Squid Trending And Price From ZHANHUA 2018

    Illex Argentinus Squid Trending and Price from ZHANHUA 2018
  • Illex Squid Market Trending In July. 2018

    illex squid price will go down slightly on August reported by Zhanhua Seafood. Till July 23rd,the caught Argentine Squid is about 70,000 tons,and only 20,000 tons available in future two months.
  • Welcome To ZhanHua Booth No.: E3-1101 At CFSE 2018

    Company: Fujian Zhanhua International Trade Co., Ltd Expo: CHINA FISHERIES & SEAFOOD EXPO Booth No.: E3-1101. Date: November 7-9, 2018 Add: QINGDAO INTERNATIONAL EXPO CENTER
  • THAIFEX – World Of Food Asia 2018

    Zhanhua is going to attend Thaifex--World of Food Asia--well-known Thailand Food Expo-- booth No.: C3-M51, from May 29th to June 2nd, 2018.
  • Argentine Salmon

    Argentine alaska, also known as "argentine lionfish." The cephalopods, squid family. Cone-shaped. There is no film outside the eyelids. The shallow hole in the front of the funnel has no longitudinal pleats or side sac and is smooth.
  • Deep-sea Fish Species

    The species of deep-sea fish are mainly tiger spots, green spots, spotted spots, plush fish, magas fish, and bonus fish.
  • Mackerel

    Squid is a very common edible fish that is found in and around the coasts of the western Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. In the Chinese context, attention should be paid to the herring that is one of the four home fishes in China.
  • Giant Squid

    According to Korean media reports on December 30, 2013, fishermen in Busan, South Korea, captured a giant carp, 4.5 meters in length and weighing 100 kilograms.
  • High Quality Squid Purchase Method

    The quality carp is full-bodied, solid and pink, shiny, with a slight frost on the surface of the body, hypertrophy, translucence, and not red back; the shape of the inferior carp is small and incomplete
  • Salmon Is A Healthy Food

    Its nutritional value is not inferior to beef and tuna. Each hundred grams of dried squid contains 66.7 grams of protein, 7.4 grams of fat, and contains a lot of carbohydrates and calcium, phosphorus, sulfur and other inorganic salts.
  • Salmon Nutrition Analysis

    Carp is rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron, which is good for bone development and hematopoiesis, and can effectively treat anemia;
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