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Squid Neck

  • Giant Squid Neck

    Giant Squid Necks Giant squid neck connected with egg and tentacle,composition of meat and cartilage.It is all use for BBQ. this series includes three kinds of items: 1) Sea frozen Giant Squid Necks is unwashed, block freezing at catching vessel. 2) Cleaned Giant Squid Necks...
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  • Sea Frozen Squid Neck

    Sea Frozen Squid Necks Sea Frozen Giant Squid Necks are just cut out from Squid head, not cleaned up, with cartilage(bone). It is cut from giant squid head at catching vessel, block freeing, then packed by bag, save in cold store. Photos of Sea Frozen squid Necks Overview of...
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  • Cleaned Squid Neck

    Cleaned Squid Necks Cleaned squid neck is very prevail with BBQ market. According to requirement, it should be cut and removed cartilage. Every catching season of giant squid, we procedure many sea frozen giant squid neck from the catching vessel. On receiving the order of...
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  • Crystal Squid Neck Flower

    Crystal Squid Neck Flower Crystal Squid Neck Flower is a latest item, carved rose flower in the cleaned squid neck, for high end customers, such as high-end restaurant. Photos of Crystal Squid Neck Flower Overview of Crystal Squid Neck Flower Related items of Squid strips:...
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  • Peru Squid Neck

    Peru Squid Necks Three kinds of Peru squid necks available: 1)Sea Frozen Peru squid Necks 2)Cleaned Squid Necks 3)Crystal Squid Neck Flower Overview of Peru squid Strips
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