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Argentine squid (inline) fishing starts, production is sluggish

The 2024 squid season in Argentina's exclusive economic zone has been advanced. The Argentine authorities, based on the recommendations of the country's Fisheries Development Institute (INIDEP), believe that early fishing can make more use of summer spawning fish stocks, including completion in mid-January. A school of fish that is reproducing and nearing the end of its life.

The fishing season between 49° and 52° south latitude starts on January 2. Fishing vessels operating south of 44° south latitude and only operating south of 49° south latitude for at least 3 days are allowed to start fishing on January 7. Other vessels south of latitude 44° began fishing on January 12. Most of the Argentinian-flagged vessels are making final preparations, undergoing inspections, and then departing for their origins.

Juan Redini, chairman of the Argentine Squid Industry Association (CAPA) and president of the fishing company Pesquera Buenavista, said: "Most of the squid fishing boats went to sea on January 12, and some had already set off early, and five boats had left the port in December. But according to reports They reported that they could hardly catch squid in the past few days, but now some ships are reporting a daily output of 2-5 tons, and other reports also say that the output is very low."

A person in charge of a Spanish company said that the market is still waiting and seeing. The demand for Argentine squid is good. His company has not yet launched sales and is still waiting for the latest fishing progress.


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