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China Fisheries Seafood Expo 2018

On 9th, Nov, Zhanhua Seafood came to successful end of his show in China Fisheries&Seafood Expo(CFSE) 2018, which was held in Qingdao, China and attracted more than 1,500 exhibitor from over 45 countries.

In this year, our booth was 63 square meter, very bigger than last year, built and decorated splendidly. Also, our well-trained sale team warmly welcomed old and new friends to meet us.

In fair, we showed our main items, such as:

-Illex Squid, todardoes squid

-Giant Squid fillet, Squid tentacles, Squid Wings

-Squid flower, Squid Ring, Squid Tube,

-Dried squid, Skinless Tentacles,

-Octopus slice, Octopus flower,

-Fish fillet, etc

During fair, many new and old friends from around world visited our booth to inquiry and discuss the further cooperation.

our sales team warmly received hundreds of people, one of my best colleague met round 200 clients in those days, a Korean client gave her high praised that she was a warmly and carefully girl.

This time, both of source and market are not on good situation. Especially, todardoes squid’s output is less than last year, and average size smaller, too. After knowing the case and compared with illex squid, some of our clients ordered several hundreds metric tons of illex squid to instead of todardos squid.

Meanwhile, giant squid fillet, wings, tentacles are lack of stock, new catching are not landing until end of Nov.. Many clients express that the price is too high, they have to wait for new catching landing and expect price go down, then they will purchase enough for coming high season. Even though, our stock was sold many, now, left not many.

Through fair, we met our old clients and let new friends know us, sincerely appreciating our clients support for 11 years. We will persistently try our best to supply the excellent service and premium seafood.

Ending with a comment from our clients, we were happy to cooperate with Zhanhua for many years, you are the best and trusted partner in China, we hope you can help us to purchase seafood in China.


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