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Demand for imported shrimp remains sluggish

At present, there is only one week left before the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, and the demand for imported shrimp is still relatively sluggish. According to a Guangdong importer, domestic frozen shrimp stocks are sufficient to meet demand during the National Day holiday, and the digestion speed of the stocks will determine the replenishment volume of the Qingdao Fisheries Expo.

"Everyone hopes that this year's National Day can increase consumption. Every National Day since the epidemic, the industry has never really gotten better." He said.

Customs data shows that in the first eight months of this year, China imported a total of 675,636 tons of shrimp production, a year-on-year increase of 29%. Among them, 484,846 tons came from Ecuador, a year-on-year increase of 43%. In July and August, China’s shrimp product imports showed a year-on-year downward trend.

"We expect that import volume may decline further in September." said the above-mentioned importer.

"Since the ban on the import of Japanese seafood on August 24, there has been a brief boom in demand for aquatic products, which lasted for about a week. Not only shrimps, but also salmon are selling well because there are many consumers rushing to go Eat Japanese food. But after entering September, everything returned to normal. Many colleagues even believed that the Fukushima incident would have a stimulating effect on the import of seafood from third-party countries, but the reality is not the case." He added.

Quanlian Centralized Aquatic Product Information shows that according to the latest import situation, new orders are still relatively few, and exporters of old orders have not yet completed delivery. At the same time, demand for frozen products is currently low. When asked about prices, exporters mainly offer large-sized products, while importers are more demanding small-sized products. However, the supply of small format products is limited. Recently, shrimp farmers have found that the price at the entrance of the pond is low, so they prefer to breed 20/30 and 30/40 size shrimp.


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