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Peru launched the first squid biological resources survey

In Peru, giant squid is the largest local seafood consumed by humans. Local ships have conducted the first survey of giant squid biological resources in the northern, central and southern coasts of Peru.

The survey will study marine environmental conditions, collect samples, and obtain other information that scientists will use to estimate the status of Peruvian squid populations, including biomass, distribution, and location, among others. The project is supported by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership and WWF.

Miranda Eyzaguirre, vice president of the Peruvian Squid Association (Capecal), told UCN: "This is a historical milestone for the Peruvian fishery. Once the investigation is completed, it will help the Peruvian authorities to make better production decisions and take management measures."

Eyzaguirre said, "The agreement between Peruvian fishermen, entrepreneurs and scientific researchers will bring great economic results to Peru and further strengthen Peru's position as the world's largest squid producer."


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