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Production increases, Thai tuna (bonito) prices continue to fall

In December, the delivery price of Bangkok tuna (bonito) dropped another $50-100/t to $1,500/t. If production continues to rise, the price may fall further.

Sources said that the fishing output in the Western and Central Pacific region is good and the supply from canneries is stable. If the fishing situation remains good in the future, prices in Bangkok will fall further. In Europe, the canning industry is going through difficult times, with terminal sales facing challenges and companies facing rising olive oil prices, high interest rates and resistance from supermarkets to price increases.

In Manta, Ecuador, the price dropped to $1,650-$1,700/t in December. Some Ecuadorian manufacturers are purchasing raw materials from the Western Pacific, and the fishing conditions in the Eastern Pacific are relatively good (currently 30% of fishing boats are still in port for rest), so the Ecuadorian price will not Much higher than Bangkok.

Fishing activities in the Indian Ocean are somewhat restricted, and many fishing vessels using fish aggregating devices (FADs) are able to operate in the northwestern Seychelles, where prices range from €1,475-€1,500/t. This year's Indian Ocean production is lower than in previous years, and many Spanish vessels have stopped operating after completing their yellowfin tuna quotas. This situation is very different from previous years.

In the Atlantic, the three-month FAD fishing moratorium will begin in January. Currently, fishing activities are concentrated in the southern region and production is relatively low. Delivery prices in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana range from €1,475/t to €1,500/t.


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