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The trial fishing period for Peruvian anchovy is over, and the output is only 220,000 tons

The 10-day trial fishing period for the anchovy season in north-central Peru has ended, and the Peruvian Institute of Marine Research (Imarpe) has until August 17 to submit a report announcing all fishing results and recommending necessary measures to be taken.

So far, Peruvian officials have not given specific statements (including production figures), but Minister of Production Raul Perez Reyes mentioned that there is still uncertainty about whether the short-lived production season will eventually be declared over, because the Peruvian El Niño Research Committee (ENFEN) It is predicted that the continuous high temperature weather may last until November, and then usher in a warmer climate until January 2024.

ENFEN's forecast also indicates that hake production will remain low due to changes in the distribution of fish stocks. Separately, unusually warm ocean conditions are not expected to have a significant impact on squid and skipjack supplies.

Luis Icochea, former director of Imarpe, said the latest report may show too high numbers of juvenile anchovies, which are not allowed to be harvested according to scientific advice.

He also pointed out that the just-concluded trial catch caught about 220,000 tons of anchovy, well below the designated quota of 1.09 million tons. Under normal circumstances, the annual fishing season quota usually exceeds 2 million tons.


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